Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Pope's Hat Tricks

Sometimes when I'm working on a post, I edit things out so that I won't go on too long or I won't get off track.

For instance, Sunday I didn't use a set of photographs in the post about "the George Clooney of the Vatican" because, frankly, I thought they might ruin the sexy.
How you doin'?

I think they're worth sharing, though.

When the Pope's personal secretary Georg Gänswein isn't giving ladies bedroom totally celibate eyes, he's taking care of the Pope's head. 
Ready and able to put a lid on it.

Time to change hats

"No one is going to believe you're Santa...or sit on your lap."

Have fun at the tea party, sir.

Have fun at Helena Bonham Carter's house, sir.

Dammit, Georg, the queen is wearing her fancy hat. Where's my fancy hat?
"My, what big hands you ha-" "Stop it, sir."

Fiesta time

"Why is my hat bigger than yours? I'll tell you why my hat's bigger than yours. Fuck you. That's why." - McGrimus

Doesn't matter. Still sexy.
I am so going to read the shit out of The Thorn Birds this month.


  1. Second pic from bottom: "Why is my hat bigger than yours? I'll tell you why my hat's bigger than yours. Fuck you. That's why."

    1. I love it! That's better. I will now be editing and adding this underneath that photo.

    2. I'm honored! heh heh

    3. I think I might have to institute a regular photo caption contest. : )

    4. A few years back I won the New Yorker weekly cartoon caption contest. BRING IT!

  2. Ha, oh my, you know, you could do a breakaway blog, or a tumblr - that's modern isn't it - of JUST THIS and I would look at it every day and laugh and laugh.

    OH and I would so wear that hat with the feathers to H B-C's house and she would be all like, 'Jack! Where did you get that?? I need one!'


    1. Tumblr is so modern that I don't even know how it works!
      The pope is a never-ending source for hilarity. I never knew he wore so many hats. I also have a collection of photos of people handing their babies to the pope's assistant so the pope can bless them. People are crazy!


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