Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MidLife Crisis Book Club - January

I think this is a good place to begin:

Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews

I remember reading this at 12 years old and thinking, "Does anyone realize EXACTLY WHAT I AM READING?!"
I bet there are plenty of copies available at your local secondhand bookstore, so run out and get your copy today. At the end of the month, we can share our thoughts on this "classic." 

Related link: 
Midlife Crisis Book Club: "I've decided to attempt another reading challenge, but the "classics" for 2013 will be classics from our youth."


  1. That is the perfect face for that book. I might give it a re-read myself.

  2. The whole series is uber creepy, but I couldn't put it down. So twisted and crazy! Have you read the second book, Petals in the Wind?

  3. I'm in. I think I still have my copy laying around somewhere.

  4. I am oddly excited about re-reading this now that I am an adult. I am curious as to how much I might have not completely understood when I read it at age 12. LOL!


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