Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday's Random Thoughts - Wishing Time Away Edition

No matter where you are, January is a gray mess of a month. Christmas is over (and that's awesome for us non-Christmas folks), but spring isn't here yet. I haven't seen the sun in what feels like the entire year of 2013.

OK, so this is the kind of talk I engage in the first month of the year and, after a talk with my mom who also hates January, I realized it's not fair to January. (Especially since February is even worse.)

My mom said, "I have been wishing away an entire month of the year every year of my life."

This got me thinking that I hate January because it's cold and dark and boring, but those are also some good things. If you set aside your unreasonable expectations (for instance, a friend and I agree that you should please take your Crossfit photos and shove them) , if you stop talking about getting six-pack abs and organizing that closet that hasn't been organized since 1987, January can be your friend.

Do you like reading? Do you like watching movies while snuggled up on the sofa? Yes. Yes. Then January is primetime for these wonderful activities. And there is NO SUN outside the window to make you feel guilty about indulging yourself in the joys of fuzzy socks and good movies and living the life of the house cat (eat, nap, nap, nap, eat).

Lazy, good-for-nothings up in here
If you're looking for a little more activity in January, here is some inspiration for you:

This is what George Clooney does in January.

This is what Kansas Jayhawks do in January.
Best GIF Ever.

This is what Beyonce does in January (it involves underboob).

In conclusion, January is what you make it.

Happy Friday!

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