Saturday, December 1, 2012

Don't Sit Home Alone Tomorrow. Go Buy This!

Here's a happy little find I purchased today from UAB Art Club at Bottletree, 3719 3rd Ave South, during the 7th Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar. The event continues tomorrow at several locations, such as Naked Art and Avondale Brewery.

Leah, one of the students working the art club's sale table today, said we were the first people to get the reference on this a-mahzing ornament ($4). What's wrong with you people?! Damn filthy animals.

Get a pop culture clue and get your arse to Bottletree tomorrow.

The art club is also selling lovely pendants that are well worth the $12 price tag. Get you one. Then get one for a friend.

While you're there, stop by and see my friend Chris Davis. Someone you know needs a piece of dog art for Christmas. Woof.

If you're not in Birmingham, you can shop for dog art on Etsy. Just click HERE.


  1. Glad Chris will be there again tomorrow!!... I wanted to go today to get Molly some dog art but got stuck at home.

    1. Oh yes, she'd love the dog art! He's also selling the platypus figures.


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