Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Channeling My Spirit Animal

The first nine seconds of this video? That's me today. I have not cried once.
That's all.

I know it's Clooney Tuesday, but I'm just not that into him lately.

Other things I'm not into lately:
Working out.
Grocery shopping.
Putting away the laundry.
Putting up with idiots.

Oh, wait, I'm not really into those last three things EVER.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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  2. No, Anonymous, it's fine from here.

    Anyway, Amy, what I do with laundry, is I keep it on the spare bed. I don't put it away unless someone is coming to stay. We use the spare bed as a 'wardrobe'. It is spohisticated. And it works quite well. I don't believe in ironing, so I do (sometimes) put shirts on hangers, you know, if I am feeling classy. I would recommend this technique to anyone. It is not housewifely, but I am a homeowner, not a housewife. ;)

  3. Yeah - spohisticated. That is totally a word.


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