Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Jacob: It's so cold. I'm freezing. Why is it so cold?

Me: Put some socks on.

Jacob: Do they make socks for your hands?

Me: Dude, you mean gloves? Are you talking about gloves?

Jacob: Oh, yeah, right.



Me: Can I put that on the blog?

Jacob: (sigh) Yes, OK.


  1. I have done this before. "There should be like, a place you can go to eat your food, but you don't have to BUY it there, you can bring your own from home and just EAT it, with tables and stuff."

    "You mean like a cafeteria?"

    "No, like a...well. Maybe. Yeah."

    1. haha. I love that.
      That sort of thing happens a lot around here.
      The true sign of genius is that other geniuses beat you to your genius idea, only because they were on the earth before us.


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