Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for...Vodka

I spent several hours today cleaning my 12-year-old daughter's bedroom.

Below is what I discovered when I moved her bed.

A few things you can't see in the photo: 

That purple plaid backpack is crammed full of things I asked her to clean up one day. 

A hamburger bun shoved between the pages of a notebook.

An entire container of French fries. 

A YA novel "glued" shut with a grape Jolly Rancher. 

I'm so tired. My body is aching. 

I'm sitting down with a cocktail. Self-medication is real and it is amazing.

Also real and amazing? Motherly love. Only motherly love could keep me from whipping a certain someone's ass today. 


  1. You are a better mother than I ever will be. I would have just shoveled it all in trash bags and thrown it out. I am pretty sure my mom did that to me once.

  2. Holy teenager! Aren't they awesome ? lol Vodka is definitely the answer

  3. I cannot even imagine the ass whooping i would have gotten had my mom ever found that in my room. NO WIRE HANGERS Scene comes to mind. You're a saint. SERIOUSLY a saint. Vodka is saintly as well.


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