Sunday, November 4, 2012

Public Service Announcement

In movies in which a woman faces an unplanned pregnancy, the character rushes to the drugstore and buys a cartload of pregnancy tests.

I was reminded of this because Knocked Up was on TV last night. So was Juno. It must have been unplanned pregnancy night on cable.

Anyway, let's discuss this for a moment.

A quick Google search will show you that an E.P.T. will cost $12.99. A First Response will cost as much as $15.99. A Clear Blue will cost you $8.99 at Target.

So let's just say 10 bucks. Let's say you're an idiot in a movie and you fill your basket with 20 tests so you can go home and pee on all of them all night long while you guzzle Sunny D or some other beverage straight from the jug.



Most pregnancy test kits are going to come with two sticks. That's enough.

Your boobs hurt? You're puking 10 times a day? You haven't had a period in more than a month? You've peed on a pregnancy test stick and it's positive? The second one came up positive, too?

You're pregnant. You don't need 20 tests to tell you that. Make a doctor's appointment, for God's sake.


  1. Ha ha - as an infertile, I peed on over 100 sticks during a 2 year time frame, I am sure. That includes the expensive ones from the 24 hour CVS and the cheapies from Amazon. Did you know you can even get pregnancy tests at the dollar store.

    1. Dollar store pregnancy tests? Awesome. That makes me feel better. Next time they film one of those dumb scenes for a movie, the woman should go to the dollar store!


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