Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Talk About This Crap

Please take note of this blurb: Secrets of an overnight superstar ("Wow, why am I not dating?!")

Excuse my language, but...What. The. Fuck.

Jessica Chastain appeared in six films that were released in 2011. Several of those films were critically acclaimed. Jessica Chastain was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help.

According to Marie Claire, Chastain went from "the scrappy life of a working actress to the ultra-rarefied ranks of A-lister."

And yet...


The cover blurb includes some bullshit about how she's not dating?

That's it. I'm done with women's magazines.

If you read the article, you find that Chastain's quote is part of an anecdote about not dating, about being more "available" in spite of her shy nature. It comes at the very end. It comes after this obnoxious statement by the writer:
Chastain won't say whether she's dating anyone, but the likely answer is no. (And if she is it's happening so far off the grid as to be nothing serious or a long-distance relationship, and you know how those go.
So here's Jessica Chastain, who has had an incredible year when things in her career came together, magically, miraculously, after years of hard work.

And the cover of this magazine points out that she's NOT DATING.

And the article inside makes assumptions about her personal life based on what exactly? It makes predictions in a snide manner ("and you know how those go").

This is the sort of crap that makes women's lives so much more difficult than they should be. You work hard. Your career is coming together in this incredible manner, but...Oh, so sorry, you're still single.

You lose.

This is what you might call the Jennifer Aniston Judgement.

Poor Jennifer Aniston. All anyone wants to talk about is her singlehood, her lust for a child. FILL MY EMPTY WOMB! DAMN YOU, ANGELINA JOLIE!

Oh, thank God Jennifer Aniston is FINALLY engaged. At last she has a man to validate her existence.

The success isn't enough. The money. The achievements. The friends. The travel.

No, no, no.

Where's your man, Jessica Chastain?


This is some bullshit, that's what this is.


  1. The writer should perhaps read that article on jealousy. Reow.

  2. How will she ever get her Christmas lights up this year? (sigh)

  3. This is disgusting, thanks for calling it out!


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