Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Excited Gif Party

Awhile back I talked about how, hoping I'd have some reason to use them,  I saved a bunch of "excited" gifs in a folder on my desktop.

Well, today, I got the most incredible package in the mail. It completely erased all my angry, sad feelings about Bitchgate 2012.

Do you like office supplies and Sharpies and loads and loads and loads of amazing writing pens? Me, too. That's why, when I opened this box, I first shrieked with delight and then continued to chuckle in sort of a dorky, totally happy way as I went through the contents of the best box ever.

Turns out I was saving those excited gifs for Jennifer, the fabulous lady over at JenTalksALotAbout! This is possibly the greatest box of stuff I have ever received in the mail. Ever. Thank you, my friend. This is like 200 Man Mondays rolled into one.

Bitches love Sharpies.

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  1. I'm so glad they got there and they made your day!! And I'm so, so happy that they arrived on exactly the right day, to help you forget stupid people!


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