Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect Storm of Insanity

Want to feel like the world is scary-crazy? Visit this Web site and read the comments.

Let's talk about this one from Jane: "John, my husband and I will pray for you and your family. Sounds like Obama may cancel voting day.Interesting how Bloomberg is calling for mandatory evacuations and subways are closed and trains will not run. They will have complete control over hundreds and thousands of people.I pray good Christian people will not make rash decisions in this situation.West coast is experiencing earthquakes,also. America is in judgement and I believe we will soon see Jesus coming for His bride. God bless you and thank you for what you are doing to let us know what is happening. Jane"

Holy crap! Jesus is coming for his bride?! It's like The Bachelor: Bad Boyfriend Jesus Edition up in here. Hope you ladies have your opening lines ready so you can get that first-impression rose.

Can I ask a question?

So God is responsible for the hurricane and it's his judgement on America?

But the result of the hurricane is that "they" (I'm assuming this means the damn liberals in charge?) will have "complete control over hundreds of thousands of people" so that Obama can cancel "voting day."

Do I have this right, Jane?

So, um, God is trying to make what happen exactly?

I'm very confused by this. Much like I am confused that God is always using big, swirly storms to punish people for being gay or accepting homosexuality, but he's never using storms to punish people for being murderers or child molesters or adulterers or gluttons or liars or assholes or ignorant racists.

Nope, just people loving each other. Just people being honest and open about who they are. Yep, that really gets his storm-cloud knickers all in a big twist.


  1. It's kind of crazy that that website reads like the mythologies people would create in ancient times to explain events they lacked the knowledge to understand.

    I would like someone to create a precipitation translation chart, going something like:

    Gentle summer rain: Jesus loves all his children.

    Hail: Pride, sloth, envy.

    Hurricane: The homosexuals are at it again.

  2. So that's where rainbows come from. Haha. Everyone at work is wondering what I'm laughing at. Every time you say Bad Boyfriend Jesus, all I picture is my very own Bad Boyfriend Jesus. But I got wise to his ways and dumped him. ;-) Thanks for the laughs today!

  3. Oh lawd. There is a significant portion of our population that is bat-shit crazy. If Romney wins the election there's a silver lining for you. You'll have four years of great material to write about.

    1. No worries. If Obama is reelected, I have no doubt that the crazies will continue to reveal themselves in many delightful and insane ways.


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