Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Sundays Have Meaning Again

Today was exceptional when it comes to pure entertainment.

The day began with Felix Baumgartner's epic leap from the edge of space.

First of all, this is Felix:
Yes, yes I do get laid a lot. Why do you ask? 
This gif of his jump makes my heart hurt:

After that, Jacob and I went to see Argo. I highly recommend you see it. It's incredibly well-done, from the acting to the pacing to the perfect build-up of tension.

Argo fuck yourself.

This blog wouldn't be what it is without me mentioning that one of the producers of Argo is - you guessed it - George Clooney.

Yep, Bryan Cranston is in the movie, too. Dammit, I miss you so, Breaking Bad.
Finally, this Sunday brought us the premiere of The Walking Dead. And all I will say is, "HOLY SHIT!"

At the end of this Sunday, I think this gif is the best illustration of how I feel:

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