Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday - Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik will perform at WorkPlay in Birmingham December 2.

Tickets go on sale Friday. I'm not so poor that I won't be throwing down my money for that.

I love Duncan Sheik. I have to be careful about listening to him, though, because he encourages my bad habits like mooning around about all my regrets and my sorry love life.

In fact, this song is on my Sorry for Myself playlist.

It probably began during my sophomore year of college when I hated living in Ruston and going to Louisiana Tech and my mother kept saying to me, "Just stick it out one more quarter." So I would stick it out one more quarter and lie around my dorm room in a state of misery. This song was on the radio a lot. I mean A LOT a lot.
One of his songs I really love is Alibi and I can't find a video of it online. What the hell, Internet? You've failed me. I thought you had everything! All I can find on YouTube is some guy standing in his kitchen singing the song in front of a refrigerator that has way too many magnets on it.

Oh well. Here are some of the lyrics:

Did you come down to take me
Or give me away
I had so many things to ask you
Now you don't have much to say

And these alcoholic afternoons
Are getting in the way

Let's quit the town just look around
There's nothing here to keep us alive
If they try to run us down
You know I'm on your side
And I want you to be my alibi
So they won't find me
And they won't find you
And we may tell lies
But we may be true
So they won't find me
And they won't find you
And we may tell lies
But we may be true

I want to be your alibi
Till the day we die

Here's a video of Duncan Sheik singing For You instead.


  1. My husband and I love reading your blog. We just read today, the Heaven Is For Real and are soooo with you. (He is even a minister!)
    As I looked around, I saw Duncan Sheik and he is our absolute favorite musician. We both will be reading more.
    Thanks for the raw humor.

    1. Thank you so much! I love to hear this!


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