Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clooney Tuesdays: In Which George SingTalks™

Whatever Neil Diamond has, it's contagious.

George caught it during the Mercedes-Benz 26th Carousel of Hope Gala at The Beverly Hilton on Saturday where he was honored for his philanthropic works.

George is doing that thing people do when they really don't want to sing along. They make faces and singtalk. (And not Neil Diamond's version of singtalk™which is completely genuine.) No, this is ironic singtalking.

I totally do that.

I hate karaoke for this very reason, because I can't help making faces to illustrate to the crowd that I know I suck and that I am in on the joke. See? I am laughing with myself, not at myself.

But nobody wants to watch someone sing ironically.

That's why I only serve as a backup dancer. I will backup dance all the livelong day. I may suck at that too, but don't tell my feet!

Happy Clooney Tuesday, my friends.

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