Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Saddest Cat of All

If you've been coming to VCC for awhile then you already know that sad cats and sad kittens are the biggest attraction in these parts.

Today, VCC presents the saddest kitten of all, Mercy, the newest (and least furry) member of the Kardashian Klux Klan.

You'd be sad, too, if you had to live with this family of asshats and famewhores.

Have you ever seen a kitten look so resigned to its fate?

Good luck, little kitty.

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  1. BFF Tina can't comment on this site. We can't figure out why. So here's her comment:
    "Another hollywood ploy to make you love them and not hate them. Saddest kitten, (name appropriate - have Mercy), happiest little girl, I mean boy. Someone cut that child's hair. How about the guy with the fanny pack?"


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