Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clooney Tuesdays - Useless News Updates

Happy Clooney Tuesday, everyone.

You've been waiting all week for this, haven't you?

Today, let's just take a cruise around the Web and see what we find:

Is Bradley Cooper the Next George Clooney? 

An article on Forbes.com says that Bradley Cooper is taking the George Clooney path to the top - "One for them, one for me." Big movie, small movie, big movie, small movie, nipples on the batsuit, small movie.

Bradley is exceptionally attractive. No doubt about that. His blue eyes are amazing. I watched Limitless over the weekend and, yowza, I really didn't pay attention to the plot. Basically, what I took from it is that drugs are fucking awesome.

And he speaks French. That's certainly a selling point.

But you probably already know my answer to the question posed by Forbes.com.

No. George Clooney is the next George Clooney.

Farmers Don't Really Look That Good, Do They? 

The designers of Farmville, that game 100 million people play on Facebook and 200 million people ignore on Facebook, have created a character partially based on George Clooney.

Art Director Daryl Anselmo tells EW: "We’ve got a character named Gus and when we were designing Gus we were looking at leading men, and a couple that come to mind are George Clooney and Brad Pitt. They’ve got that 'loveable guy who’s attractive in a way he doesn’t really understand' [vibe] and we sort of looked at Pitt and Clooney and tried to carry that in his personality."

This will still not make me play Farmville or stop hiding the incessant updates from those who play.

Instead, I will picture myself having a roll in the hay with George Clooney.

And, lastly, just in time for Clooney Tuesday, my Uncle Mark shared this photo on Facebook. 

Just look at George reading a newspaper like someone who wants to stay informed. Or, I don't know, check his horoscope. Here's today's prediction for Taurus:
"Take a risk — especially if you’re single and looking. Ask out that total hottie, because even if you strike out, you’re still forcing the universe to take notice of your boldness. That’s never bad!" - Astrology.com 
Man, horoscopes are stupid.

Hope the stars bring you all the things a star is capable of bringing you - a lot of night-time light from a massive, luminous sphere of plasma held together by gravity.

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