Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Clooney Tuesdays - Neil Diamond Edition

I don't know if it's the weather outside or the storm clouds in my head.
Maybe it's that I've been online reading about "the 47 percent" and have seen too many comments to count that vilify single mothers.
Excuse me for not living a perfect life. Yes, I'm quite sure it's because I'm a lazy person who won't take responsibility for her own life. No doubt about it.
I'm not even angry right now. I'm just sad. I'm sad for my children. It's not their fault I destroyed our lives with my laziness and victimhood.
Yes, I look like Sophia Loren when I cry.

 I'd like to go back to bed and try this whole thing again tomorrow.

Maybe looking up random George Clooney news online will improve my mood. I don't have time for much. I have to rush off to my part-time job where my lazy ass makes $10 an hour. I sure hope they're taking out the right amount of taxes!

On October 20, George will receive an award for "outstanding artistic achievements and unprecedented humanitarian undertakings," most notably his advocacy for a resolution in Darfur.

Even better than the award, Neil Diamond will "sing-talk" at the event. I love Neil Diamond. I've written before about my grandma and how much she loved Neil Diamond.

Frankly, I want to go back in time and be on the pontoon with my grandparents listening to Neil Diamond, and I want to be a little girl again. Because I'm tired of this adult shit. I'm tired of the non-stop worry.

I'd really like to simply float for awhile.

So, in that vein, here's a photo of George Clooney on a boat.

"He's cute! I mean, I'm just saying. I've noticed. Just ... factually. It's a fact." - Michelle Obama about George Clooney

(Video on ETOnline)


  1. I wish I could say, let's get a boat and sail off into the sunset, where the only worry we'll have is whether or not we have enough vodka for our cocktails. BUT, I can't. Responsibilites suck. Not having money sucks. Sometimes life really sucks. All I know is that you are amazing. Raising two kids on your own is not easy. And while, I am not in that situation (no kids here), my mom raised 2 kids on her own and I saw how much she struggled. She struggled, but she was and is an amazing mom. People don't know shit. Single mothers, you especially, are not lazy and are not victims. Anybody who says differently is an asshat who don't know what they are talking about.

    1. I keep wondering why I take it so personally, but it just *feels* so personal. People are so mean on the Internet. It makes me want to get a bull horn and stand in town squares and defend all the single mothers of the world who are working their tails off to provide. My mom was single from the time I was 4 until I was 19 and she was incredible. Thank goodness I had a role model like her to see how it's done.
      I hope George will let my mom come on the yacht with us.


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