Monday, September 24, 2012

Bad Boyfriend Monday

Oh, hello, Monday. Here you are again. You just keep showing up, don't you?

Have I not made myself clear? I don't like you anymore.

I had such a lovely weekend without you.

And now you have the nerve to come around again.


Ugh. Go away. Nobody likes you.

I think our relationship has grown rather toxic the past few weeks. In fact, when I know you're coming over, I begin to feel a slow-building dread the evening before.

It's not enough to make the start of the work week rough, you have to mess with my relationship with Sunday, too?


I am trying to be Zen about things. I am trying to see Monday as an opportunity to begin again.

Put on your workout clothes. Do an hour of yoga. Breathe in and out. Get out of your ego.

Put vegetables and a roast in the crock pot. Be grateful you have food to put in the crock pot.

Go to work and try not to count the hours until it's time to leave. Don't think about how it's so boring you want to cry.

Don't waste your off-hours dreading your on-hours.

Don't wish time away. Life goes by quickly enough on its own.

Live in the moment. Appreciate what you have.

Concentrate on the things you are meant to do and this will help you get through the moments of doing what you have to do.

Don't hate Monday. Monday doesn't mean to be a bad boyfriend who doesn't know when to leave well enough alone.

Accept Monday for what it is.

You can't change men and you can't change Monday.

Breathe in, breathe out.

If that doesn't work, remember this: It's only four days until Friday.

And everyone knows Friday is the George Clooney of weekdays.

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