Thursday, August 16, 2012

Torturing My Son the Angela Chase Way

Lately, I've made a habit of watching reruns of My So-Called Life on the Sundance channel. It comes on weeknights at 6.

Jacob can't handle it. He begs me to change the channel and, like the evil mother I am, I absolutely refuse. As we watch, one of us regularly yells out this phrase:

"Ack! Secondhand embarrassment!"

Like when Angela thought Jordan was singing a song about her - I call her Red -- but he was actually singing about his car. Ouch.

And as I watch I old is too old to think Jordan Catalano is completely hot?

In addition to torturing my son with the awkwardness of Angela Chase's love life, I've realized that I now completely relate to the parents in the show.

No matter how old I feel, I will not change the channel.

So the lesson here is that middle age is only tolerable if you use your power to torment the young.


  1. ...that crushing moment when you realize the boy you crush on so hard CANNOT READ. Oh, Angela...

    1. That is the amazing power of the hot bad boy: He can't read, can barely put together a sentence, has sex with her best friend...Fills her thoughts and dreams every moment of every day. Oh Angela.
      And poor Brian Krackow.


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