Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts - RAWR Edition

Today I got an excellent gift from my friend Christopher Davis, who is not only an amazing friend but an incredibly talented artist. Jacob and I went to lunch with Chris today and then we walked down to see a window display on 20th Street North that features some of his joyful creations. One of the creatures is a little guy with a big mouth who I like to call RAWR RAWR RAWR. 

Chris sent me home with one of my own. 
Here he is standing in the kitchen window. 

I have this idea that he's not in a bad mood, he's just taking on the world, forcefully and noisily and with a total unwillingness to take any crap. 

If you want to see some of Chris's fantastic work in person, you should go to Art Walk in September. 

You can also find some of his work as part of an auction that is raising money for the Sara Jones Memorial Arbor to be built at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. You can also bid on work by some of my other talented friends - ALL my friends are talented! - like Todd and Rob and Nancy and Art and Van and Laurey and Buffy and...Listen, just GO to the site now and please place a bid. 

Sara Jones was a dear friend of ours who we lost far too soon to cancer. I miss her hugs and her laugh and her generous spirit and her shining light every day. Her Facebook page listed her occupation as writer, substitute teacher and magician. She wrote "just kidding" after magician but she was, in fact, magical. I hope you will help us honor her memory. 

Painting by Arthur Price at Dia de los Muertos in Birmingham

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