Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts

Here's a random gif of Tom Hiddleston.
The other day a friend of mine said, "What? That guy? He's ugly."
And I might have said "Are you kidding me?"
She wasn't even convinced when I showed her some other photos like this:
There's really no explaining other people's tastes.

Classics and Cocktails
This month I'm supposed to be reading The Count of Monte Cristo, the unabridged version. It's HUGE. I think Anna Karenina gave me PTSD because I'm extremely reluctant to pick up another enormous book and find myself hating it. And the more I think about it, the more I really, truly hated Anna Karenina. Great romance, my ass. Selfish, self-involved jackholes? Yep.

Anyway, I'm busy reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, which is turning out to be a great read. And as soon as I finish it, I'm going to read Gone Girl by the same author. Those 1600 pages of The Count will have to wait.

Limited Engagements Make Me Pissy
I really want to see the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. I'm quite certain it won't come to Birmingham for awhile since Birmingham is the kind of city that desperately wishes it could be cool but isn't. Because "Roll Tide", that's why. That is why we can't have cool things.


  1. Dark Places is the book I read just before I read yours! I was going to suggest it but didn't know if you wanted to stay away from DARK. I loved it. I guess you're ok with dark.


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