Monday, June 18, 2012

Random George Clooney References

I have several magazine subscriptions and, even when you wouldn't expect it, my pretend boyfriend George pops up in stories.

"Just like fine wine and George Clooney, Madagascar gets better with age." - The Bullseye in Entertainment Weekly (June 22, 2012 issue).

"No one ever believes that my hair is curly. Actually, it's somewhere between wavy and curly with an all-around poofy finish. It's as non-committal to any style as, well, George Clooney is to any one woman." - Katie L. Connor in Marie Claire (July 2012)

Katie, does your hair look like this?
George is obviously the go-to metaphor for people writing about things that just keep getting better with age and things that won't commit.

I like those things in a man.

And this has been your George Clooney update for the week.

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