Monday, June 25, 2012

A Case of the Mondays - Did You Know?

Did you know that even if you don't have a job, you can hate Mondays? It's weird and hard to explain. But I genuinely do not like Mondays any more now than when I was working.

Did you know Jenny McCarthy is in the latest issue of Playboy? She says, "The pictures are really gorgeous and classy." In honor of Ms. McCarthy, here is one of my favorite exchanges from 30 Rock:
Jenna: I'm classy!
Tracy: People who say that about themselves usually are.

Klassy with a K

Did you know Bristol Palin is a horrible example of a single mom?

You probably already knew that. But here's one of the many, many reasons why: On her new reality show, she makes sure to talk as badly about the father of her child as possible.

I have no tolerance for this. I don't care who the father of your child is.

Because guess what? Your child is HALF that person. That is how your child will see himself or herself. As a mother, if you don't understand that, you're a fool. Every time you say something nasty about your ex, your child hears that and internalizes it and thinks, "Half of who I am is from a horrible person."

Don't be the sort of asshole who does this. If your ex doesn't love you anymore and cheated on you, too bad for you. It's not something your child needs to know about. If your ex has a stupid job or doesn't make enough money or doesn't pay child support on time, your child does not need to know that. Why would you think your child should know that? What purpose does that serve other than you trying to get your child to be on "your team"? Because you want company in your little club of hating your ex?

Here's the thing: As your child grows up, he will figure out on his own who and what his dad is. He will develop his own relationship with his dad and it won't involve you. Let him. Do not take it upon yourself to decide how your child should feel. Your child might want to love his dad because it feels good to love your parents. Both of them.

If you love your child, you will allow him this.

Did you know today is George Michael's birthday? In honor of that, here is Freedom! '90. Back in the 90s, this song was my jam.
Did you know Magic Mike starts Friday?
Instead of signing up on eHarmony to fight my loneliness, I'm just going to see this movie the minute it comes out.
Please go to my friend Kerry's blog to see the greatest movie blurb in the history of blurbs.


  1. I am CRYING LAUGHING at that Magic Mike blurb. CRYING.

    Also -- fun fact! I met Jared on OkCupid. I also met a TOTAL NUTJOB who was fresh out of rehab for alcohol and Xanax (have you EVER tried to have an awkward first date SANS alcohol? I don't recommend it) and was hot enough for me to do questionable things with on the first date, and then who had a TOTAL SCREAMING METLDOWN and made an emergency appointment with his therapist for the next afternoon and send me a text apologizing for any "harm" he might've done me.


    You win some, you lose some. I still recommend OKC, though. And this tumblr: You're welcome. :)

    1. My friend Kerry (with the excellent Magic Mike blurb on her blog) sent me the okcenemies link, too! So funny! Also scary as hell! Who are these people?!

      I actually am considering maybe possibly going on eHarmony. My best friends Tina and Gretchen are on me about it. I can't decide whether I should do it just for the interesting stories that will come of it or what. (That date of yours sounds scary - except for the hot part! And, agreed, I can't do the awkward first date without alcohol. Eek.)

    2. I briefly considered eHarmony, but have you seen that TEST THEY MAKE YOU TAKE?! Holy God. I know it's part of their "patented system" or whatever, but srsly, I don't think the ACT was that long!

      I was really reluctant about online dating and drug my feet and hemmed and hawed when a girlfriend encouraged me to make a profile, but I had pretty ok results with OKCupid -- it was free and I never emailed dudes first, just waited for them to express interest and went from there. A lot of them were freaks -- nothing like what's on that okcenemies site -- but some were fine. I do have the BEST stories from my weirdo dating life, though, so if nothing else -- blog fodder!

    3. Also:

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