Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the people most likely to talk about how much they loved world's-worst-example-of-writing-in-a-nasty-porn-novel Fifty Shades of Grey are the same people most likely to tell you how much they love Jesus?

Why the hell is Maroon Five singing a song about pay phones? Can Adam Levine not afford a cell phone to call whichever hot chick he's currently banging? What year is it? There's an actual phone booth in the video. Someone alert Clark Kent. The poor dude hasn't been able to change into his Superman outfit in public since the early 90s.

Why do people get so up in arms about videos like this or this, but these same people love videos like this or gifs like that one below? So, let me get this straight: Teasing little kitties with yarn/making them attack a wall = good. Teasing big cats through thick safety glass = bad. I just want to know whether I'm supposed to respond with a comment that reads: "SQUEE!" or "Zoos make me sad! How dare someone stand next to the viewing window at a zoo."

Yesterday, someone on Facebook posted a rather long story about an atheist philosophy professor and a Christian student having a debate. It ends with the student "schooling" the professor on faith. The end of the story reads: "P.S. The student was Albert Einstein. He wrote a book called God vs Science." I showed the story to Jacob. He would not let me log off Facebook until I agreed to type this comment underneath the silly story: "My son insists that I point out that Albert Einstein was Jewish and he never wrote a book titled God vs Science."

Sometimes, Jacob will leave a photo open on my desktop so that I'll see it the next time I open my laptop. Here are the photos I've been greeted with the past few weeks:

 Last time we ordered pizza we added a special request for a unicorn. Here it is. Jacob declared it "sub par." The pizza, however, was delicious.
Next time I want to request a picture of Jesus reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

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  1. I laughed OUT LOUD at the pic of the BOOKS 4 LYFE. out loud. omg. hahahahahaha

    Im a huge fan of the kitty headsidecock. a huge fan


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