Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Random Anecdotes

Creature of Habit

This weekend my dad told me a story about something I said to him a really long time ago:

"When you were little, you would sit on my lap while I watched the news each evening. One night, I moved my drink from one hand to the other as you climbed into my chair.

"And you said to me, 'No, Daddy, that's your beer hand. This is your cigarette hand.'"

Veggie Tales

Thanks to Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song, I was reminded of this story:

When I still worked at the newspaper in Shreveport, I got an insurance card from our latest provider and, instead of my correct name, the card read:

May B. Mercer

I called the number on the card and told them my actual name and asked for a replacement. I got a new card in the mail a few days later and it read:

May B. Mercer

This time I called the number and said, "DO YOU SERIOUSLY THINK I WOULD GO BY THE NAME MAYBE? MAYBE MERCER? Do you?! DO YOU?!"

The woman on the other end said, "Um? Maybe?"

The next replacement had my proper name.

Then I remembered another story: About a year ago, I got new insurance for the kids. When the cards came, the one for Kate said her name was Kale.

I called the company to let them know. The woman on the other end started laughing and said, "Yes, we should definitely change that!"

I said, "No, no! I love it. I'm calling to change my son's name to Broccoli!"

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