Saturday, May 5, 2012

Letter to the Editor

In the May 4 issue of Entertainment Weekly, editor Jess Cagle wrote about movie mistakes.

"At the end of the original 1997 film, when Kate Winslet gazes up at the stars while floating in the ocean..., she's looking at the wrong set of stars -- stars that would not have been visible in the North Atlantic night sky of April 15, 1912. Told of the mistake by an astrophysicist, Cameron corrected the constellations for the new 3-D version."

"An astrophysicist," he wrote. Dude, give credit where credit is due. I wrote EW a letter because I'm a big nerd. And because, frankly, if you're tapped into pop culture, you'd probably mention Tyson by name and just call Cameron "a director." Seriously, who really gives a shit about James Cameron?

Here's my letter:

Jess Cagle made a noticeable misstep in his Editor's Note when he mentioned "an astrophysicist" who alerted James Cameron to Titanic's constellation mistake. By "an astrophysicist", he meant Neil deGrasse Tyson. He's adored by Redditors, the inspiration for a popular meme ("We've got a badass over here") and the man who makes millions of people who gave up on science the minute we graduated high school want to pick up a book, click on a video, or watch an interview about the wonders of the universe. He's also someone who manages to appeal to teenage boys like my son and 30-something women like myself. When he showed up on The Daily Show the other night, my son and I both yelled, "It's Neil!" and then we watched as he solved a Rubik's Cube in less than a minute and told Jon Stewart, again, that Earth is spinning the wrong way in the show's opening. Clearly, the man is not just "an astrophysicist." He's Neil deGrasse Tyson, bad ass motherf*cker and the George Clooney of astrophysics.

Good day. I said good day, sir.

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  1. Yes! Great letter and great job describing the awesomeness that is Neil deGrasse Tyson!


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