Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts

Me, Lollie, and my mom in Sausalito
Today has been one of those days when I'm reminded that I am blessed with amazing friends, that sometimes the universe sends you just what you need.

This morning, my friend Lollie called and said, "I'm in town. I'm coming to get you and we're going to lunch and getting haircuts."

I haven't had a haircut in a long time. So long I can't actually tell you the last time. It was hanging down to the middle of my back. I've been wearing it in a ponytail usually. The thought of drying it made me instantly tired.

Lollie and I met at the bus stop on the first day of sixth grade. Through various moves across the south and across the country, we have remained friends. She's the kind of friend who always pops up right when I need her.

When Charles died, she came to the funeral and helped arrange places for my mom, stepdad, and brother to stay in Shreveport. Back in Birmingham, she came over one day and treated me and the kids to Chick Fil A. She slipped money into my hand. "I want to help. This is what I can do so let me."

So I let her.

Today, we went to the salon where Lollie's best friend from high school works ("We're going to let her play with your hair," Lollie had announced when she called me this morning). I got a much-needed haircut. I love it. My hair feels softer and healthier. I feel lighter.

She pushed me away from the register and paid the bill. She treated me to lunch in the food court at the mall. We ran a few errands. We talked about our lives, about things we've been struggling with, about the weight of the world. I feel lighter.

Lollie is back on the road to Atlanta now. She flies out Sunday to return to San Francisco. She called from somewhere on I-20 East and said, "I'm so glad you were home. You did so much more for me today than I did for you."

I can't see how that's true, but I'm glad. I hope her burdens feel a little bit lighter now, too.

Random George Photo
My friend Amy posted this to my Facebook wall earlier. I love when people see George and think of me. And any day with a random George Clooney photo posting is a good day.

This Week's Random Rap Video
My friend Michael shared this find. "This is so Vodka Cranberry Clooney material," she said.
She's so right.
Enjoy. And your welcome.
Just kidding. You're welcome.

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