Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Classics and Cocktails Book Club (May)

I must begin with a confession.

I did not read the book for April, Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. I tried. I read two chapters. But I kept setting it aside so I could read other books.

Books I read instead:
Hilarious. Read it. Tina Fey is my spirit animal.

Intelligent. Funny. Sad. Worth reading.

I skimmed the last third. Picoult has a formula and that formula is  getting old.

Full of great essays on aging, motherhood, and more. 
I also read this:
Junk food scarfed down in a couple of days. Don't judge me. It's still better than Fifty Shades of Grey.
And I started reading this:
Thanks to my cousin Richard for passing it along. 

I may try Tess again, but I'm not going to beat myself up about skipping a classic last month. It's my challenge and I make the rules and the most important rule is this:
I do what I want.

The Classics and Cocktails pick for May is A Room With a View by E.M. Forster, a novel "about a young woman in the repressed culture of Edwardian England. Set in Italy and England, the story is both a romance and a critique of English society at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1998, the Modern Library ranked A Room with a View 79th on its list of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century." So says Wikipedia.
One of the characters is named Lucy Honeychurch. That's right. Honeychurch. Where buzzing bees go to praize Jezuz.

Happy reading! 


  1. Honeychurch sounds like the cleaned up filth (TM Patton Oswalt) version of ANY euphemism for a woman's ladybits.

    Just sayin.


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