Monday, April 23, 2012

This Is How It's Done

I don't have any secrets for getting through the loss of a loved one to suicide. I wish I did. I only know that you don't get through it and dock successfully on the other side of a stormy lake to find blue skies and calm waters.

You must live with it. I'm only just now figuring that out.

But here's one thing I do know. You can live with it with grace and kindness.

This is a post my mother wrote on Charles's page about two weeks ago.

We could choose anger.
We could choose to become pawns in a devil's game of blame and resentment, a game no one can win.

Or we can choose to remember the lovely moments. We can choose joy and light.

While I'm busy learning lessons about things that don't end, about things that stay with you forever, I'm also busy learning this:

The thing that makes the loss of someone bearable is the fact that you can still love that person, that love doesn't end either.


  1. Darling Daughter, I do think it is a lovely picture - Mother and Charles dancing, others joining in. Heaven - the place where joy and happiness are abundant for everyone.

    There's plenty of hate and darkness in the world. Spread love and light, baby, love and light.


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