Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tiny Travelogue

It's been a busy week so I haven't had a chance to blog. My grandmother passed away last Saturday. Her funeral was Thursday in Center, TX. The days have been full of driving and visiting with family. So here is a random sampling of this week's experiences.

Questionable Decisions
This was the sign on the business across the street from the funeral home.

Be careful tanning those sensitive areas, folks.

Children Who Won't Cooperate
I am going to photoshop new kids into these photos of me with my son and daughter.
Is it really so difficult to stand still and not act like a total maniac?

Louisiana Will Make You Fat
Things I consumed while at my mother's house in Natchitoches:

Boiled shrimp
Corn on the cob
Meat pies
Baked beans
Dirty rice
Frozen daiquiri

That was just in one sitting.

(I'm kidding.)

Gas Station Cuisine
Important tip: If you want delicious Natchitoches meat pies, you don't have to venture very far off the interstate. At the Natchitoches/Many exit from I-49 South, turn right and then left into Exxon. Best meat pies and boudin in town, no joke.

Scenic Stroll
Yesterday, we wandered down Front Street in Natchitoches with my mom and brother, my Aunt Nancy, her son David and his wife Kyna and their daughter Sydney, who all flew in from Oregon, and my aunt's other son, Richard, who came in from North Carolina. Here are some random photos I took along the way. Natchitoches truly is a gorgeous place.

Kate on Front Street, Natchitoches

Aunt Nancy, Kate, Mom

Tim and Jacob

Roque House on Cane River

Kate and Sydney, Cane River


  1. I love the last picture.

    Im going to add to your list of foods that I ate in Louisiana as well.

    charbroiled oysters
    cajun omelet
    red beans and rice
    creamy grits
    cuban skirt steak

    im in a drawstring skirt today at work.....damage done.

  2. Your list of foods eaten makes me hungry! When I was pregnant with Tristan, nobody in Memphis knew what a "meat pie" was. Shawn had to get the recipe from an uncle & make them for me so I wouldn't go all crazy-pregnant-lady on him. Lovely photos. Nothing like the lights in Natchitoches.


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