Sunday, April 1, 2012

Classics and Cocktails Book Club (April)

"We must call [Hardy] the greatest tragic writer among English novelists." - Virginia Woolf

Tess of the D'Urbervilles, first published in 1891, by Thomas Hardy is the April Classics and Cocktails Book Club pick.

I was at Barnes & Noble in Patton Creek last night and noticed a stack of copies of the book on the front sale table for $4.98, so get thee to the bookstore and buy your cheap copy today.

I  checked my copy out of the Hoover Library yesterday. There were at least ten more copies on the Teen section's Classics shelf so, if you don't have $5, get thee to the library instead.

From the back cover: "Tess Durbeyfield - an impressionable country girl caught between a wealthy cousin who seduces her and an unforgiving, provincial husband - finds she has no means of escaping her fate, save a desperate and irreversible act."

For some reason, I'm suddenly picturing this guy:
Jerry Lee Lewis, cousin seducer

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