Thursday, March 29, 2012

Try Not To Laugh (The Happiness Challenge Day 29)

My computer was completely dead last night so that is my excuse for having no Happiness Challenge blog post yesterday. (I love how you can magically make a post look like it was written and published in the past. It's like time travel...except not really cool at all and without the magic of a DeLorean.)

I ran to Best Buy this morning to buy a new charger. $80 later, my computer is charging again and I'm thinking about how technology is ruining my life. I spent $100 on a new cell phone for Kate the other day because hers broke. I think the Amish might have the right idea.

Then again, if I were Amish, I could never spend valuable time looking up bloopers on YouTube. I love bloopers.

Here are some of the great ones, beginning with the best bloopers after a movie ever. Don't argue with me. I'll slap you harder than Burt slapped Dom.

Here are some outtakes from ER featuring my pretend boyfriend.

OK, that's enough. Go look up videos on your own. Or you could get some work done. You do have a job, don't you? Get back to work, slacker!

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