Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oops (The Happiness Challenge Day 27)

Yesterday I failed to write a Happiness blog post.

Excuse No. 1: I spent several hours yesterday actually being happy at Urban Standard with these two guys. We had an amazing discussion that hit a range of topics including Jesus, aliens, hoodies, Rick Santorum, Andy Kaufman, Kim Kardashian's flour bomber, "squatch" hunters, homophobic fools who use far too many exclamation marks on Facebook, interior design, driving on 459, Lost, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, the irrational resistance by some right-wing conservatives to the concept of taking care of the planet ("Because God is totally my janitor"), and tight-rolled jeans.*
*That list does not represent the entire content of our conversation. 

Excuse No. 2: I spent last night playing this game on the iPad:


  1. I've heard that games sick addicting.

  2. My former crazy-christian coworker refused to recycle, which I found infuriating. I had no idea it was A Thing!

    1. There seems to be some weird idea that we aren't trusting God if we take care of the planet or some silliness (also global warming is a hoax because God, blah, blah, blah). But like I told Todd and Chris the other day at lunch, let's say I'm the God of my house (I totally am). Sure, I can take care of it by myself, but it certainly would help if the little shits who live here would pick up after themselves!


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