Saturday, March 17, 2012

Living Like George Clooney

"I got paid really well for this shit." "Yep, me too."
It's Saturday night. I'm watching Friends with Benefits on Starz. I love when a dumb romantic comedy is on and I can sit here hate-watching it while drinking my new favorite drink (as of the past 35 minutes):

Citrus Vodka Cranberry
2 ozs. Firefly Southern Lemonade vodka
3.5 ozs or whatever (I'm lying if I say I really measured it) cranberry juice
Crushed ice


The movie begins with two people who are giving up on relationships because relationships suck.

Here's a snippet of dialogue from the first ten minutes:

Dylan (Justin Timberlake): I'm just gonna work and f*ck. Like George Clooney.

Jamie (Mila Kunis): I'm just gonna shut myself down emotionally. Like George Clooney.

Yep. That's how it's done.

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