Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kate Gets Stabbed In The Back (The Happiness Challenge Day 14)

I'm a little late posting tonight because Kate was in her school's spring production of Who's Dying To Be A Millionaire? Jacob, our friend Chris, and I went to the performance and, after the cast party, the four of us stuffed ourselves silly at Superior Grill. Silly being the key word.

In the play, game show contestants are killed right after they answer questions in the game.
Kate actually had two roles in the production. She played Dede, who died almost immediately, and Florence, whose signature line was, "I ain't missin' my soaps for nothin'."

Kate was excellent. Of course she was.

In my opinion, her death scene was the piece de resistance of the entire play. That girl jerked forward in her chair and slumped over with the commitment of a true thespian. Then she stayed that way, with a knife lodged in her back, for several minutes until two other characters carted her off stage.

After the play, she came out to say hi before she went backstage for the brief cast party. She was wearing a mustache. I don't know why. It's best not to question these things.

What I do know is that my daughter is quite a character.

Her role as Kate Tayloe Mercer, sassy young thing, brings joy to my life every single day.

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  1. I am thrilled that Kate is loving the acting/drama lifestyle. I bet she KILLS, why wouldnt she?

    Happiness memory LOVES of all time...being in the drama club my 8th grade year at Broadmoor Junior High. I also KILLED in the role of the evil black spider on a clothesline terrorizing sunflowers. Who'd of thought Id do such an awesome job playing the role of the villain? Oh I was truly scary.



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