Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jacob's Spring Break Mission (The Happiness Challenge Day 17)

The other day I posted a question on my Facebook page. It got an impressive 80 responses.

Jacob is trying to watch "classic" movies on Netflix so he can catch all the references to them in current movies/shows/conversations. Last night he watched "Revenge of the Nerds." The other night he watched "The Big Lebowski" and "Memento." What movies would you consider must-see films from the 80s and 90s?

It seems clear from the enthusiastic response that movies are a happy topic. Movies are often more than mere entertainment. They're a shared experience. We reveal our favorite movies or favorite lines or scenes and we feel connected to one another. 

Everyone was eager to share their favorites or to quote some must-know lines. I have been saying "Inconceivable!" for the past few days and there's just an instant sort of happiness that comes with saying that line. It also comes with saying this one: 

My friend Leah texted that afternoon to suggest we borrow some of the movies from her DVD collection. We drove over Thursday to pick them up. We left with two huge stacks of movies. Some of them are still wrapped in protective plastic because, the night before, Leah and her husband Heinz went out and bought a lot of movies that were on the list. 

When I told Stephanie this last night, she got a little teary-eyed and so did I. Heinz and Leah are good people. Sometimes in the midst of ranting against everything that is wrong with the world, it certainly is wonderful to be reminded of all the good that exists in it, too. 

So here's Jacob with a stack of some of the classic films from the list. His spring break is going to be full of hilarious one-liners and pop culture touchstones. 
So far, he's watched these movies: 

Real Genius
The Princess Bride
Better Off Dead
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
He enjoyed and appreciated each one of them. Why? Because he's my kid and my kids are awesome. 


  1. And to think, I have been telling Douglas (6th grade) that he needs to watch more movies so he will get the references to them in the books that he reads. Siometimes he even believes me. The same week that he watched Big, it was referenced in the book he was reading. He would still rather read than watch TV or movies. That would sound like bragging, but I have two other kids that are not nearly as wonderful or literate.

    1. I also have a list of books I've told Jacob to read so he'll get those references, too. And music! I remember as a kid, it always annoyed me when people didn't know who the Beatles were. I always wondered why their parents didn't introduce them to any of that music. I never wanted my kids to be those sorts of dumbasses! : )

  2. You are so sweet! We are just jealous that we can't watch '80s movies all week. Reading all the movies on the list was so fun, and it's inspired us to go back and watch some of our faves.

  3. Let me know when hes Goonie bound and reciting the "its our time, our time down here" famous quote of all time. ITS ADDICTING.


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