Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hamster Bite (The Happiness Challenge Day 2)

I recorded this video about three years ago. It was a school night. I can't remember what prompted us to make chin-faces on that random night. Remembering that night never fails to make me laugh.

He's my son so people will accuse me of bias, but Jacob is quite simply a fantastic person. Ask anyone who knows him. He is everything I would have ever asked for in a son had I had some sort of order form I could fill out.

Sense of humor? Check.
Intelligence? Check.
Kindness? Check.
Compassion? Check.
Colorblindness? Not the red/green kind (which he also has) but the other kind. He has dated white girls and Hispanic girls and black girls. When I had children, goal No. 1 for me was to put better people into this world and not contribute to the racist asshat population. Check.

Jacob has his dad’s blue-green eyes and the kind of rich auburn hair that stops people in their tracks. Elderly strangers especially love to comment on his hair and Jacob grudgingly accepts the compliments.

Jacob has his dad’s mind for numbers and my talent for wordplay. Thank God. Charles and I used to joke that if Jacob got my math skills and Charles's writing skills, he'd have been SOL.

From both of us, he inherited a sense of humor and a healthy appreciation for the absurdities of life. A couple of years ago, Jacob said to me, "I'm much funnier than you. I got your comedic skills and Dad's."

Jacob says his dad's name like this: "Churles." I have no idea why he says it this way, but I love it. I love that he says his dad's name and it is almost always associated with something happy or funny.

Jacob was stoic in the face of tragedy two and a half years ago. He retreated into his room and into a world of Xbox games. This might have been due to grief, but he later insisted to me that it was only because he was allowed to do this. Any teenage gamer would do the same given the chance, he said.

Eventually, he came out of his room. Right now he has a card table set up in the living room. He sits at it to play computer games while we watch all the shows we both love, Psych, Community, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

In the past two years, Jacob has grown from a little boy with braces to a teenager with broad shoulders and a deep voice and a learner's permit. He has grown into someone with the strength to carry the weight of loss without letting it cripple him. He continues to laugh. He continues to fight with his sister. Quite simply, he continues.

He is one of my two favorite people. I honestly think this would be true even if he wasn't my son.

Here's a bonus video of Jacob when he was a backup dancer for a diva we know. It's a little dark but totally worth watching. The happiness factor is high with this one.

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  1. Hahaha, I remember the chin face videos! This is excellent and sweet and precious.

  2. I remember the chin face, too. (facebook?) May jump on the bandwagon w/this Happiness Challenge. I did a month of "I am thankful for" posts on facebook & think I smiled more that month than any other.


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