Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Times Never Seemed So Good (The Happiness Challenge Day 24)

Now's your chance to get in on the happiness. This particular brand of happiness will take place June 6 in Atlanta, Ga.

It will sound like this:

I texted Erin last night the minute I found out Neil Diamond would be performing in Atlanta this summer. She texted right back, of course.

Who's in?

I have wanted to see Neil Diamond in concert my entire life, in large part, as a way to pay tribute to my amazing grandma, to jump up and down and sing along and be reminded of all my wonderful childhood memories with two of the greatest grandparents a girl could ever have.

In an essay about my grandparents, I wrote this:
"My grandparents owned a pontoon with seats covered in bright orange fabric and we spent our summer days floating on Geist Lake in Indiana. We ate O’Malia’s fried chicken and Mike-Sell’s Old Fashioned Potato Chips. At the end of the day, when the sun was setting and the temperature dipped, I always wanted to sit next to Grandma, wrapped in a beach towel and in her arms. My younger brother Tim would “drive” the boat with my Granddad and I would sit close to Grandma. She was soft and always warm. We would listen to Abba and Neil Diamond cassettes as we crossed the lake to the boat dock. When I hear Neil Diamond songs now, I cry. My grandma loved him. His voice is part of the soundtrack of my childhood."
Back then, "Love on the Rocks" was my favorite song. Just pour me a drink and I'll tell you some lies...
Or maybe my favorite was this one:

I'm embarrassed to tell you how many times I, as a child, saw The Jazz Singer.

Just kidding. I'm not ashamed. You know I think embarrassment is for suckers.

I once worked with a newspaper editor who expressed disdain for Neil Diamond and said, "He just talk-sings." My basic reaction was this: "Uh, yeah, he does. So what? Are we done here?"

Click here for concert details.

Sometimes the journey to happiness is as simple as buying a ticket.

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  1. Baby loves me, yes, yes she does. The girl's out of sight, yeah! I am so ready to Feel The Neil. Let me know who else is in, bc we have to get to buying tickets stat. Channeling my Neil in saying: TODAY! (shout) Today (whisper)... To-day (barely audible whisper)

  2. I sooo may have to invite myself to join you!!! Love Neil! I had a roommate in college who was obsessed! I'm off M-F with my new work gig : )

  3. Me. I'm in. Yes, yes, yes. It will be my second Atlanta weekend concert in a row.

  4. We have to make a girls' weekend out of this. And stay somewhere with a pool. OMG, yes, this is the perfect kickoff to Pool Tour 2012. I think I just wet my pants. Sorry, TMI. I'm excited.


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