Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Graffiti (The Happiness Challenge Day 13)

So it's been one of those days. Yes, I have a lot of those days. What's it to you? You wanna start something? Bring it. Should we take this outside? I'm not afraid to kick your...

I'm sorry. What was my point here?

Oh, that's right. One of those days. I was going to have lunch with my dear friend Katie, she of the sweet voice and complete and utter goodness and light, but then she got held up at the doctor with her baby, Jane Darby, who had a check-up today. Jane Darby is going to be sorry she ruined my midday outing when I stop by her nursery and do this:

In. Her. Face.

That's right. I'm not afraid of getting into it with a baby. While smoking my pipe and getting my Dalmatian in on the action, too.

I woke up in a sour mood. If it had a soundtrack, it would sound like this:
Today could possibly be that one day each month when I'm a real bitch (the other 30 or so days, I'm a real angel). I'm not sure, though. I'll have to check the ovulation calendar up in here.

Whatever the hell day it is today, happiness was not on the agenda. What was on the agenda? An angry Piloxing workout to my new DVD (thanks, Laurey). I totally kicked someone's imaginary ass. No, no, not you. That other guy. You know who you are.

Also on the agenda: A series of emails with Tina who, luckily, was also in a horrible, terrible, no-good mood. (It's always good to have a bitching buddy on National Monthly Bitching Day.)

When it came time to write my blog post, I thought about posting one of these:
Or one of these:
And then I'd just call it a day.

But then I saw this on Erin's Facebook page:
Our friend and talented Southern Living photographer Art Meripol shot this. He spotted it in an alley behind a business he was scouting.

Seeing this made me think about some of the graffiti around the Birmingham area. A couple of years ago a couple of Birmingham criminals graffiti artists posted this message on the south side of the Highland Avenue overpass above Red Mountain Expressway.
I didn't shoot this one, I found it on Flickr.
City workers had to remove it, of course, but the message popped up in other places. I spotted this one in the women's restroom at Trattoria Centrale downtown.
Don't be distracted by all that Ride the Tiger nonsense. Riding a tiger is a bad idea.
There was also some graffiti besmirching the name of some poor homewrecker, but that's not really in the spirit of where I'm going with this. I'm posting it anyway because, like I told you, I'm no angel today.

Anyway, I spotted this one on a building across from Stephanie's apartment complex last summer. 
I saw this while sitting at a red light in Five Points South. 
Can you see the message? It's small but it's there. Yes, I have excellent vision.

Once I saw Art's photograph, I was reminded of  these other illegal works of art, these kind messages posted around the city.

Some days it's harder to hear the message over the noise in your own head. Some days you have to try a little harder to spot the kindness in the chaos, to see the sweetness in the traffic, to find the happiness in the PMS hopelessness.

But it's always worth it to try.

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  1. I loved this post. I do love that Lincoln Park song and now more so, I love the video. This post is a home run for me. Right out of the......Lincoln Park. SWEET JOB AMY B.


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