Monday, March 5, 2012

George Clooney Takes A Shower (The Happiness Challenge Day 5)

2012 Golden Globes
You knew George Clooney was bound to show up in one of these posts. Would anyone like to place a wager on how many days of the 31 days of happiness will feature my pretend boyfriend?

Saturday, I picked up the March issue of In Style. I try to limit my magazine purchases, but every once in awhile I like to remind myself that there are style choices other than a ponytail and a pair of black yoga pants.

Here are some other things I was reminded of as I flipped through this issue:

I was reminded that I haven't worn high heels in about six months and I might have forgotten how.

This pic is for you, Tina.
I was reminded that clothing is ridiculously expensive.

I was reminded that Jennifer Aniston has fantastic highlights.

I was reminded that I hate perfume samples and, subsequently, most perfumes.


I was reminded, once again, that George Clooney is awesome.

(Confession: I actually don't need to be reminded of this fact.)

In a section devoted to The Golden Globes, stars were asked how long it took them to get ready.

Here's what George had to say:

"It took me six hours. Just to loofah."

That man makes me happy.
The secret of happiness is to take pleasure in the little things:
The moments when you laugh out loud (even if it's just for a second or two).
The moments when you do a Google image search for George Clooney in the shower.
The moments when you're reminded of another gratuitous shower shot. (Stephanie, that one's for you.)
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  1. Mmmm mmmm. Delicious. You are such a good friend. And I am very happy.

    1. You're welcome. I thought you'd like that little reminder.

  2. thank you!!!! She made my top 3 of things I LOVE yesterday!!! Jennifer Aniston, "hey girl"

    It is the little things. I totally agree.


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