Friday, March 16, 2012

George Clooney Is Better Than You (The Happiness Challenge Day 16)

You know what I have loved about today so far? I have loved that so many of my friends have contacted me to let me know that George Clooney was arrested this morning while protesting in front of the Sudanese embassy building in D.C. Fellow protesters arrested include his father, Nick Clooney, U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), Rep Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), former Rep. Tom Andrews (D-Mass.), Martin Luther King III and NAACP president Ben Jealous.

 Mr. Meloni
Don't worry, friends. I am headed to D.C. right now to bail out my pretend boyfriend. I certainly hope they'll accept pretend money. (UPDATE: George has been released. In case you were worried about things getting all Oz up in there and you thought maybe Christopher Meloni had already made George his bitch.)

I picked Jacob up at school earlier and he said, "Hey, Mom! You know how when we play Monopoly and you land in jail, Kate always says, "Have fun visiting your boyfriend George Clooney in jail!"? Well, he's really been arrested!"

He was very excited to tell me this news. I told him that, of course, I already knew because I have turned all of my friends and family (not to mention my two children), completely without them realizing it, into my vast network of up-to-the-minute George Clooney reporters. All George, all the time. You didn't even realize I was slowly making you a member of my George Clooney informant army, did you? That's 'cause I'm all kinds of smooth. Yeah, baby.

I do have a few "friends" who do not see the beauty of George Clooney. They do not see how he is charming, witty, talented and also caring and empathetic, that he actually cares about improving the human condition. These people, the ones who don't see George's good qualities, are mostly people who sit around bitching about their taxes and the price of gas because they're Republicans and they signed some blood oath that they will only ever express outrage over money and never over issues of humanity.

I do not actually care for these people much. (Big surprise.) I have said before that I judge people on several things and two of those are "Do you like my pretend boyfriend George?" and "Do you like my pretend best friend Michelle Obama?" If the answer to either of these is "no" then you can be sure I have judged you and found you sorely lacking. Certainly we can be acquaintances but you will never be allowed into the inner circle. And, trust me, the inner circle is a fantastic place to be.

Anyway, here are a few photos of George doing his damndest to bring attention to an important issue. This is a man who uses his celebrity for good, like fighting genocide and dating extremely hot chicks without ever making the damn fool mistake of marrying them or knocking them up and having to pay them child support. If you don't admire that, you're an idiot.

Here's a video:
Here's a video from George's appearance on Today a few days ago that gives a bit more background on what is happening in Sudan: 

For more about playing the pretend boyfriend game, go here: 

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