Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Little Piece of Luck (The Happiness Challenge Day 11)

My favorite photo of Chris and Kate.
This afternoon, the kids and I went to Bottletree for BTREE FLEA. This isn't our first time shopping for quirky arts, crafts, and stuffed monkeys made out of old sweaters at the cafe/bar/music venue in Birmingham.

What keeps us coming back?

Christopher Davis. Artist, comedian, actor, stellar human being, and wonderful friend. The kids and I are huge fans. I am unofficially a member of his entourage. As soon as he gets discovered and starts raking in millions, I'm going to be one of his moochers/hangers-on/employees. Fingers crossed that he won't expect me to do any actual work.

My second favorite photo of them.
I've started collecting his art. I really started back when we worked together and I'd find little works of art on my desk, like a tiny drawing of a barn or a sweet, little paper platypus, or a stack of "hug bucks."

Now we have several of his tiny, adorable sculptures of the platypus. I'm obsessed with the platypus. He's so sweet and calm and simple, a symbol of peace in a messy, stupid-head world. That's right, Earth. I called you a stupid-head.

So today the kids bought me belated birthday gifts at BTREE FLEA. How did they do this? They demanded my money, I handed it over, they bought the gifts, I said "Thank you."

(It reminded me of something my brother and I always say to each other. It goes like this:

School bully: GIVE ME YO' LUNCH MONEY!
Victim (in small voice): But I don't have any.
Bully: OK, fine, here's a dollar....NOW GIVE IT BACK!)

This is the platypus I got today. He's holding a four-leaf clover.
I hope he brings me a little luck just in time for St. Patrick's Day. When I say luck, I mean something green. Although, if someone wrote me a check that had kittens on it, I wouldn't object to that either.

I also bought this from another artist who was there.
I love it! It's so smiley and cheerful and was meant for the spot right over my kitchen sink.

If you get the chance to support the fabulous artists of Birmingham, you should.

If you get the chance to meet Christopher Davis, you should ask for his autograph. He's the bee's knees.

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  1. I'll have to send you a pic of a pitcher I bought at a local craft/flea market. My lady & your lady now above your sink may be sisters. I bet they miss each other. Also, your friend Christopher Davis sounds fantastic. Otherwise, your daughter wouldn't hug him with such obvious affection. Great photos. Loving this Happiness Challenge!

  2. Thanks sweet Amy. I'm proud to be such a focus on your blog. I love you and the kids and glad to be in your life. Platypus loves you too!

  3. My platypus is in my office. Holding my little heart in his safe webbed fingers. If you look close enough you can see Chris's fingerprints...I love it! a treasure indeed


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