Friday, March 23, 2012

The Eddie Vedder Post (The Happiness Challenge Day 23)

I once told a friend that my ideal man would look like, act like, speak like, vote like, make jokes like, and - basically- be George Clooney. But he'd sing like Eddie Vedder.

Friends, if you're going to dream,
                                     dream big.

Yesterday, I saw this photo on Eddie Vedder's Facebook page. A big thank-you to whoever runs that page. This photo makes me happy.

The man on the left is Glen Hansard. If you don't know who he is, go look him up. Better yet, go rent Once. Then download the soundtrack. Then listen to it as often as your hurting heart can handle it.

Eddie Vedder and Glen Hansard are going to do some shows together in Europe. Damn you, Europe, you get all the good stuff, don't you? The crumbly old buildings, the great museums, the cool accents, the liberal attitude toward female body hair.

Here's a shaky YouTube video of the two of them singing Glen's song "Falling Slowly."
No shit, no roses.

I'm going to have to remember that. Some days I say, "It's been one of those days." One of these days, I hope to have not quite so many of those days.

I called this month of blog posts "The Happiness Challenge" because happiness is, in fact, a challenge. It is not easy. It is not a given. It's a choice. Some days I'd rather choose the dark and bitter joys of wallowing.

But perhaps all of the "one of those days" are the fertilizer for a rosy future.

Anyway, back to Eddie Vedder. That man's voice is roses, people. I adore the sound of him singing (plus he's adorable in that slacker/hipster/effortless way that I find totally sexy).

I love his version of this song. If you could wear out an iPod like a vinyl record, I'd have already worn mine out on this:
Three years ago, I had the Pearl Jam song Better Man as my ringtone. I don't anymore for reasons that are simple yet complicated and briefly explained in Chapter One of my book that may, one day, see the light of day. Now I just have a normal old ring. 

Not so long ago, I found this video online of a Pearl Jam performance of Better Man from 2006. I love the way the crowd starts belting the song out as soon as they hear those few opening chords.
It's not all plaid flannel angst up in here. (Note: Eddie doesn't really wear plaid flannel anymore.) Erin sent me this video several weeks ago. "Eddie Vedder is charming, talented, fantastic..." Too funny.
I've written about my Sorry for Myself playlist before. It, of course, includes some Pearl Jam. "Just Breathe" is No. 5 on the playlist.
I love this song. It makes me cry every time. I guess that's not very happy, but it helps when I'm mucking about through the fertilizer, when I'm wishing that I hadn't said what I said, that instead I'd said, "Stay. Let's just breathe." That maybe things could be different.

Here's to accepting the challenge that faces us all every day. Here's to finding the right set of songs for whatever the day might bring.

No shit, no roses.

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  1. I love this post. For a lot of reasons because its so f'king awesome and so TRUE. I probably repeat myself often when commenting about your posts, but they're all just so moving and terrific.

    This one definitely hit home for me. When I read Into the Wild many years back on the Tank (public transportation in Northern Kentucky), I was moved every day..every page...when I finished it, I left it on the bus, hoping someone else would be able to take as much or more from it as I did. When I got the soundtrack, I was reliving the story all over again. I have 5 of the songs from the soundtrack on my I-POD..and I am still moved by them. Thanks Amy, for revisiting so I could live those happy memories again.

    1. That book was so excellent and the movie soundtrack was perfection!

      I'm thinking Eddie should do the soundtrack for the movie based on my book.

  2. Amen. And let's look on the bright side: we do not have any bad tattoos. ("I didn't want to think that I was the kind of person for whom a bad tattoo is a deal breaker. But I am.")

    I'm proud of you for sticking with the Happiness Challenge every day. It's damn hard, and you're doing it. Doing it well. Is there a party at the end of this? There should be.

    1. I actually do have a bad tattoo. It doesn't talk, though. Just splashes about.

      I think a Happiness Party is a must at the end of this! This party should include some Yacht Rock, methinks.

  3. Good stuff. I am a huge fan of PJ too. Their music never gets old. Have you seen Pearl Jam Twenty? It's a great documentary. Netflix has it in their instant / watch now queue.

  4. Dammit, I want to go to Europe too! I was just looking at your Germany cherry blossom photo and I thought, "Everything just LOOKS better in Europe." Then I drifted off to dreamland and pretended I got the chance to move to Europe for a year and have some crazy ridiculous wonderful romance while writing the book for which I've already been given an advance.

    Then the dryer buzzed. Thud.

  5. Loved your post Amy. Got this blog in my Eddie Vedder google alerts. You can probably tell that I'm a huge EV/PJ fan since I get google alerts based on them. LOL Did you know that Eddie and Glen are doing a tour starting in two weeks? Together. Not sure where you live, but they will be touring the southern US starting in Vegas and ending in Florida. Seeing them together in concert is simply amazing. I agree with PJ20 and also Eddie's solo tour DVD Water On The Road.....that DVD makes me very happy. :) <3

    1. I immediately googled the dates and places! Eddie Vedder is going to be at New Orleans Jazz Fest. I want to go so bad but already have plans for the same weekend. I'm going to find that DVD! Thanks for the tip. : )

  6. Just read this. How amazing is Eddie Vedder? Lord, he is talented. And hot. And that picture of him and Clooney? Eesh! I practically blushed looking at it! Too many handsome men in one photo.


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