Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Random Thoughts

I'm having a difficult time finding anything funny to say. I've had a difficult decade week.

First of all, I think it's time I gave up reading news stories or watching news for awhile. I feel like I've traveled back to the damn dark ages.

There was this absolute dumb ass:

Are we seriously having debates about the morality of birth control? Are we seriously suggesting that women keep their legs closed?!

Oh my God, you nation of hypocrites!

I can't even take it. I'm pretty sure freedom of religion means I should have freedom from the Catholic Church expressing opinions about what does or does not go on in my bedroom or in my womb. Of course, I would never work for a Catholic organization. But if you think this is just about Catholic employers, you are fooling yourself. This can easily turn into all employers being allowed to pick and choose what insurance coverage they offer employees based on their own pick-and-choose religious beliefs.

Plus, the idea that birth control pills or methods are so cheap that everyone can afford it is frankly ridiculous. Who are these people? I'll be very honest right now. I can not afford a birth control prescription at this time. It's all I can do to pay for health insurance. It takes a sizable amount of my monthly budget and it's not great insurance. Last week, Kate had an ear infection and the $55 cost of her prescription screwed with my entire monthly budget.

In fact, today I went through a drive-through and my debit card was rejected and I found out later it's because my health insurance came out. When I drove away, I cried, but it was because, when I said I'd run across the street to the bank and figure it out and come right back, the woman said, "No! Don't even worry about it! Go. Enjoy your lunch!"

Anyway, it's OK that I can't afford any prescriptions right now. I'm obviously never having sex again because I'm finished having children and I'm not married. Only whores would have sex without the purpose of creating a precious little life. In fact, I'm holding an aspirin between my knees right now.

And then there was this:

I'm sorry. I just...what? I can't even properly express how vile and disgusting I find this woman's attitude. I don't know about you, but I know plenty of men who would find repulsive this idea that if men and women are in close quarters that women should expect to get raped "too much." And I'm not just talking about civilians. I'm talking about male members of my family who have been in the military and who, not for one second, would think it was OK to rape a woman.

It's time someone put Grandma here in a home. Just make sure it's not a co-ed old folks' home, 'cause when men and women are in close quarters and Viagra is covered by insurance...

And can we be serious? Are these right-wing men actually opposed to birth control? So you really only want to have sex with a woman for the purpose of making a baby? OK, then, why - someone PLEASE explain this to me - WHY IN THE HELL DO OLD MARRIED MEN NEED VIAGRA? Why in the hell should it be covered by insurance? I believe it is God's will that your penis no longer work properly. How's that? Put your pants back on, Grandpa. Unless you're in the military and there's too many gol-darn feminists around and then, you know, just go ahead and rape "too much."

In general, this right-wing attitude toward feminism (always said in some snide tone) makes me nuts. This woman here? Would she have gone to college or had a career without feminism? Would she be on TV spouting her absolutely ignorant opinions without feminism?

I have an idea and I really want it to happen: BOYCOTT SEX WITH REPUBLICANS HYPOCRITES.

The other thing I need to avoid is commentary about Whitney Houston's death. I've heard a few people express the opinion that Bobby Brown/her mom/her staff/even journalists reporting on her should have done more during Whitney's life to get her to stop abusing drugs.

Oh my God, it's so true. Do you know how super-duper easy it is to get an addict to stop using?! It's the easiest thing ever. That's why there aren't any addicts running around, that's why no one abuses drugs at all ever. I sure know the reason my ex-husband is dead is because none of us could be bothered to just make him stop abusing prescription pills. I would have, but I was so busy trying to keep an aspirin between my knees! That sort of thing really slows a whore girl down.

As if all that rage-inducing, makes-me-stabby news isn't enough, there's the Don't Say Gay bill in Tennessee, which passed a subcommittee yesterday. After a Nashville preacher testified that, even if teachers aren't allowed to say gay in schools, children might find out about gay people by seeing Modern Family, moron and subcommittee chairman Joey Hensley said this: “I don’t think Modern Family is appropriate for children to watch."

Why? Because kids might see a loving, committed gay couple? My kids and I watch it every week and we laugh a lot.

Yes, God forbid children find out that gay people exist! I'm so sick of this attitude, I could scream.

Honestly, I wish my children didn't have to know about the existence of bigots and racists and homophobes and misogynist assholes. But, unfortunately, they've already seen the Republican debates on TV.

I hate this world right now. I'm basically like this:

OK, here's something positive:

Kate and I are going to see Wicked tomorrow afternoon. We're both really excited. Frankly, I'm ready for a break from reality.


  1. I am excited for you and Kate. I saw Wicked on Broadway and then again here on opening night. I was not disappointed at all by the tour cast. They were great.

    1. We are both so excited! I've been wanting to see it for awhile now and I just know Kate is going to love it. She's such a drama queen, um, I mean, theater lover.

  2. How do you manage to write eloquently in a raging yet funny way about things are SO RAGE-WORTHY? As sad as it is, I tend to not even bother these days... I just feel like my fingers on the keys regarding these topics would make my head explode.

    1. Thanks. I honestly feel like I've been stuttering and sputtering and foaming at the mouth for at least a week now. It helps a little (a very little) to rant about it. Plus, that .gif of the little girl with the hairbrush makes me feel better, too.


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