Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Saddest Character Death

Today is the last day of this blog challenge. Isn't that sad?

No. It's not sad. I'm tired of talking about television. Let's get back to talking about things of great importance like me, my book, other books, my angry rants, George Clooney, me and George Clooney.

So today's post is all about the sadness caused by the death of a character on a TV show. This is a tough one. I was pretty broken up that one time when this happened:
But I'd have to say the saddest character death happened on ER.

Once Mark Greene was gone (and Doug Ross was already gone), I stopped watching ER as faithfully.

Now, here's a photo of Dr. Doug Ross to cheer you up on this very sad day.
And this concludes the 29-Day TV Challenge. I think we've all learned a little bit about ourselves this month, haven't we?


  1. Charlie on Lost.

    I was also really really sad about Shannon and Boone on Lost. I liked their characters, especially the budding relationship between Shannon and Sayid.

    1. I was *thisclose* to putting the Charlie scene from Lost, but I think I've mentioned it two or three times already. And this one from ER made me boo-hoo when I watched it again, so it won.

      Shannon's death was sad, too. Poor Sayid! Even though I found the series finale wasn't all I wanted it to be, I did love all the couples finding each other again. Shannon and Sayid, Sawyer and Juliet. Sun and Jin.

      Kate and Jack? Meh. haha

  2. And now I am sobbing. Thanks for the saddest tv death of all time. I couldn't agree more! And everytime I hear that song on another tv show or movie or when Im lying on the beach in Maui...I can only think of one thing...MARK GREENE FROM thanks ER for the memories. (And Amy)

  3. You know what *I* consider the saddest TV death? Det. Stabler on Law & Order: SVU. What? No, I know they didn't technically let him die. But his absence shattered my heart, and sometimes that's worse. No, I'm most certainly not hormonal. Why would you ever think that?


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