Wednesday, February 15, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Guilty Pleasure Show

Normally, I say guilt is a wasted emotion, much like regret and worry and embarrassment.

However, I feel very guilty about the time I spend watching Sex and the City.
If I'm watching it and Jacob walks in the room, I change the channel quickly. Not because the content is inappropriate (though, of course, sometimes it is) but because, if I don't, Jacob will say, "You're watching this show AGAIN?!"

Stop SATC-shaming me, kid!

Now that the re-runs air on E! and Style Network, it's become a bit of a go-to show for me, background noise for when I'm sitting on the sofa reading or surfing the 'net on a lazy weekend. (Note: Almost all my weekends are lazy.)

I'm embarrassed by the number of times I've seen certain episodes, because I'm pretty sure I could have finished writing several more books beyond my memoir if only I hadn't wasted time watching Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha rent that beach house where Charlotte got crabs or if I hadn't watched Berger act like a big ol' baby and break up with Carrie on a post-it note.

I have a particular problem denying myself the pleasure of watching the episodes of the final two or three seasons. Whenever the re-run schedule cycles around to those shows (this seems to take about a month), I'm right there, ready to watch Carrie and Big having an affair, ready to watch poor Aiden leave that dumb bitch again, ready to watch Carrie in Paris crying about how she'd rather be there with Big.

It doesn't matter that I know that Carrie and Big have the worst, most unhealthy relationship, that the show is nothing if not an example of just how dumb women are willing to be for one selfish asshole, how people often mistake excitement and drama for love. Doesn't matter. I simply cannot resist this episode:

Sadly, now I can cite a scene from the series to relate to pretty much any relationship issue you might be having. Go ahead. Try me.

The other day, a dear friend was talking about how hard dating is, how no one wants her.

I said, "There is absolutely someone out there who wants you. You just haven't found each other yet." (I'm very optimistic when it comes to other people's love lives.)

"Then where is he?!" she said.

So, of course, right that instant I sent her this YouTube clip via email.

I know my brain could be filled with way more useful information, but instead I have packed it full of pop culture references. I feel so guilty about this because I know, had I not done this, I'd have been able to find a cure for the world's biggest problem: stupidity.

It's important to note that I think the movies based on the series are horrible. In fact, I think the first movie could not have been any more joyless had they killed off Big before the wedding fiasco. I WISH they'd killed off Big.

The second movie? I've seen better YouTube videos starring Littlest Pet Shop animals. Even with some little girl's hands appearing on the screen to move the plastic animals around, the video is STILL more believable and relatable than anything in the second SATC movie.


  1. Oh, Carrie and Big. The last time I watched an episode, I had to turn it off because their relationship was making me panicky. I had to remind myself that my relationship is not like theirs. Can be so fun to watch, but man, they can get in my head!

  2. I don't consider that a "guilty pleasure"!

    SATC was a great show, you should nto feel guilty for loving it as you do.

    Mine is Hart Of Dixie with Rachel is total silliness, and I love every minute of it.


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