Friday, February 17, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Favorite Title Sequence

For coolness and excellent song choice, this one wins for me: 

There's also this. It gets across so much in a few seconds. 

Runners Up (Nostalgia Edition): 

And finally, this one. Fall down, Carrie, fall down! 



    YAY! I have been waiting for this one.

    My favorite title sequence, hands down, is from The United States of Tara.

    I like Dexter, but it grosses me out, as does True Blood.

    BTW, I LOVE the Greatest American Hero song. The first record I owned was the record single of that song..."look at what's happenin' to meeeee..." I played it over and over on my little record player. That is one of my earliest memories.

  2. I thought I commented? Maybe there will be two, but I don't care...

    I have been waiting for this topic! My favorite title sequence is from The United States of Tara.

    I also like Dexter and True Blood.

    As a side note, my first record single was of The Greatest American Hero Theme Song, by Joey Scarborough (sp?) I LOVED IT!

  3. I've been having issues posting comments. I hope it works this time. (I got both your comments via email even though only one is showing up.)

    I love that United States of Tara opening! I've never seen the show. I don't have whatever channel it comes on.

    Whenever I hear The Greatest American Hero Theme Song, I sing it loudly. Plus, I always had a thing for William Katt. He's so adorable in that late 70s, early 80s way.


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