Friday, February 3, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Favorite New Show That Aired This Season

This is a tough one because I was very reluctant to start watching any of the new shows last fall. They mostly sounded like crap. The Playboy Club? Ugh. No, thanks. I am not a fan of Eddie Cibrian.
Why, yes, I am a douchebag. And so is my wife.
Charlie's Angels? Nope. American Horror Story? I don't think so. Pan Am? Meh. I already watch Mad Men and I will await its return, thankyouverymuch. I've watched Revenge a few times, but Kate summed it up best when she watched with me and said, "Everyone on this show talks like this: 'Memememememe.' 'Well, memememememe.' 'No, you're a mememememe.'" It's enjoyable, soapy fun, but it's also just ugly and mean, and Madeleine Stowe's face freaks me out.

Most of the new shows on the schedule seemed like things that would get canceled so I didn't have it in me to get invested in any hour-long dramas that would be gone before any storylines were resolved. There's just nothing I love in that first-season-of-Lost, oh-my-God-this-is-awesome kind of way. I do love, love, love Parenthood, but that wasn't new this year. Still, I'm going to mention it because it's excellent.

Actually, the only new show I've started watching lately stars an actor from Lost, Jorge Garcia who played Hurley. It's Alcatraz and it airs on Fox. Prisoners who disappeared from the San Francisco prison before it was shut down in 1963 are returning in modern day, looking exactly like they did decades ago. A police officer and an Alcatraz expert (Garcia) join forces to track down the criminals and return them to captivity in some crazy underground recreation of the Alcatraz cells.

Jacob and I have been watching it together and it's enjoyable. It's not great, but I can tell the writers are trying really hard to give it that Lost-like mystery and weirdness. I can appreciate that. I'm willing to stick with it and see if it goes somewhere.

Plus - and you'll notice a theme - I love watching shows with my son. A mom doesn't get many opportunities to hang with her teenage son doing things they both find enjoyable. A mom doesn't have that many years left before her son is going to leave the nest. A mom takes what little time she can get with her favorite guy in the world.

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  1. I started Alcatraz last night, so I am not sure yet. New Girl is probably my favorite new show, but I can see its quirkiness wearing thin in a few years. I also like Up All Night, but it's like they have forgotten there is a child on that show lately... I also like Hart of Dixie **hangs head in shame**


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