Thursday, February 16, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Favorite Miniseries

I can't think of one. I remember watching V as an 11-year-old kid and being shocked - SERIOUSLY SHOCKED! - when the female alien unhinged her freaking jaw to eat a rodent. Eek!
But that's really all I remember about it. (I love that the description for this YouTube video is "the part that freaked me out as a kid." I'm glad I'm not alone in this.)

So this is just going to be a confession piece.

Here are all the acclaimed miniseries I haven't seen:

Lonesome Dove. I did read the book when I was in college. Still, I know my friend Todd is going to be very disappointed in me.

The Thorn Birds. Again, I read the book.

Pride and Prejudice (the one starring Colin Firth). I know. I know. I really do want to see it. At least, I've read the book.

Roots. Borrowed the book from my mom. Um...It's sitting on my bookshelf.


  1. Gasp! No "Pride and Prejudice?" Blasphemy.

  2. I am unashamed to admit that Lonesome Dove is one of my favorite movies. Not just TV miniseries movies either. I mean, in my top 15 for BEST movies. Come on, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Danny Glover, Ricky Shroeder?! What's not to love? And Diane Lane, looking all fresh-faced and beautiful. The book is great, but the movie is epic!

    1. I think we might actually have the DVD here somewhere. It was one of my ex-husband's favorites. I'll have to make time to watch it. I've always heard it's excellent, it's just one of those things I missed seeing along the way (kind of like every other miniseries, apparently).

  3. Oh totally Pride and Predjudice!

    I also loved IT by Stephen King (it scared the pants off of me!)

    There was also one that sticks in my mind...I'm pretty sure it was a Danielle Steele book made into a mini series about a woman and WWII and a Jewelry dynasty and her bratty kids....I liked that one too.


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