Monday, February 6, 2012

29-Day TV Challenge: Favorite Episode of Favorite Show

My favorite episode of Lost is probably "Through the Looking Glass," the season 3 finale. That episode is incredible. At the end, you're left crying over Charlie and then you're left saying, "What?! Holy crap!"

But my favorite episode of another show? An episode that I've probably seen at least 25 times?

"The One Where Everybody Finds Out" on Friends. For me, this episode is Friends at its best.

"They think they can mess with us? They dont know that we know they know we know." - Phoebe Buffay


  1. Ooooh that LOST episode is definitely up there in TV's greatest moments. Love!

  2. Best show, best episode on tv in my lifetime, still. "Not Pennys boat"....what wait, wtf, hold on, what...wait, what did he say...what?"

    Love it!!
    When do the reruns start on TNT? or where ever

  3. There is an episode of Gilmore Girls (yes, it is my favorite show, DAMNIT!) where Emily Gilmore tells off Shira Huntsberger.

    Also, if I was being the "kiki I want people to think I am" I would have said West Wing was my favorite show. It is a great show, and my favorite episode of that show is this one...

    1. Those are both excellent! In fact, that West Wing clip is one of the greatest takedowns ever.

      Your comment about "being the Kiki I want people to think I am" reminds me of the friends with the quiz and they ask what does Rachel say her favorite movie is? Dangerous Liasons. What's her actual favorite movie? Weekend at Bernie's. haha

      It also makes me think about how I've watched "Hitch" about a hundred times. But if I'm being the Amy I want people to think I am, my favorite movie is something like Vertigo or Rear Window.

  4. Weekend at Bernie's is Chris' actual favorite movie. FML I love that Friends episode. I think it was the one with the game show where they switched apartments...Chanandler Bong. HA!


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